30 WORKS 30 DAYS — 2023

Month-long creative practice for artists to make new work every day

This was the first 30 works 30 days challenge I completed.  The program is from the University of Arts London’s Artquest. This was a month-long creative challenge for artists to make a new artwork every day during April 2023.

I decided to join this project because I wanted to push myself to keep making art and be prodded in unusual directions.

Artquest emailed a prompt to the participants every day and we had to upload our work to the website by midnight. If you missed a day, you are out of the project.

The challenge was not easy because it was not geared toward photography, but it was rewarding. I learned some things about myself and my creative process. I also examined new ways of expressing myself through photographic technique. Some of the briefs were more challenging than others, for example— “What is your art practices superpower” or “Make a work about the ugliest thing you have seen in the past 24 hours” and “Take the unsolicited advice about your work.” I tried to find a new approach that I may not have used before, a difficult task since I’ve been pressing the camera’s shutter for so long!

Now the trick is to keep up the momentum.

Follow me on instagram to see variations of some of the submissions and new work inspired by ideas uncovered during the challenge.